Youth implementing Info-Campaign.

We decided that we need to try to reach out to men through children, we chose the target audience of men about 20-45 years old, and children as a value for this target audience, which our information campaign is aimed at. The training for volunteers on domestic violence and ethics of working with people on the streets was very useful. 12 students of future lawyers learned about the impact of domestic violence and the mechanisms of counteraction. It is difficult to say that it was less useful, perhaps time will show the results better. This topic has become relevant in recent years, and we decided that in this way we better reach out to men, as they can solve the problem of domestic violence. In our opinion, the most unplanned result was the case when one of the volunteers came home after distributing flyers, and discovered that his father had brought the same flyer that he received in a neighboring city from another volunteer. Volunteers had difficulties when distributing flyers, since not every man (boy) wanted to take products, especially when the volunteers said that this was an action against violence by 16 days. The word "violence" caused particular concern among the audience, especially the younger men. There were also difficulties with taking photos, often men asked them not to take pictures. More then 25 young guys were involved in the implementation of the information campaign.

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