Teacher Empower to lead

If you’ve been hearing a lot about teacher leadership lately, consider yourself privy to a very relevant educational topic. All the buzz right now is focused on well-deserving teachers who are leading the way in their schools. Now more than ever, we are seeing a trend of teachers moving into leadership roles, such as coaching other teachers and participating in planning committees. Because these shifting roles and responsibilities were previously correlated with administrators, longstanding staff, or even tenured faculty, they may cause indeterminate or converging relational/organizational patterns. As a result, educators need innovative approaches to facilitating their new leadership systems and models in education.

Why for ATI it is important to implement ? Because Teachers who are empowered to lead are more likely to commit long term and positively influence others within their schools. While evidence pointing to the benefits of teacher leadership is prevalent, information regarding the implementation of teacher leadership and how it can be sustained is more challenging to find.