Survey on "Financial capability of rural women".

In Russia, it is very difficult for Caucasus ethnic groups to get better social opportunities. The Republic of Ingushetia is the least developed region with the lowest income and highest unemployment in this country. With legacies of conflicts, ongoing political tensions, and violence, they provide a difficult environment for the well-being and economical protection of women.

In families, discrimination against girls takes into account the traditions or religion: the right to equal access to education, the use of labor, restrictions on the rights of free movement, freedom to choose clothes and hobbies, and many other unacceptable forms of gender discrimination.

From 2013 implementing a project on women and girls empowerment, our objective was to raise awareness of women and girls about their rights: political, social, and economic. During the economic session, we realized that Ingush women are completely unaware of the opportunities to receive support from the state to open their own business. None of all 210 women participating in survey knew about financial literacy and 0% had investment experience. This is not only local but as many Surveys showed, this is a global problem in frames of Gender Equality and equal rights. Traditionally, from childhood, boys are taught to have money, give more pocket money than girls, are allowed to go shopping and gain shopping experience. At an older age, this trend continues. Girls do not receive the necessary skills and for this reason, do not have financial literacy. For single mothers and low-income families, the ability to properly budget, correctly distribute income, and plan expenses are very important. Such a skill saves from poverty and often helps to reach the best level of well-being.