The law on domestic violence in Russia.

The presidential Council for human rights (HRC) has drafted a bill that proposes to enshrine the concept of "family and domestic violence" and the rights of victims. In particular, the victim, according to the proposal of the HRC, may be entitled to apply for a so-called protective order, the document says. The text of the bill is at the disposal of RBC, its authenticity was confirmed by two sources in the HRC.

Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on family, women and children Oksana Pushkin took part in the development of the document. According to her, the main purpose of the bill is not to introduce additional or stricter sanctions, but to provide preventive measures for the prevention of offenses. "The measures provided by the bill are not punishments for an offense, they are temporary measures to prevent new or more serious offenses and to protect victims," the Deputy explained.

The proposals of the HRC will be the basis of the bill on family and domestic violence, which is being developed in the Federation Council on behalf of Valentina Matvienko, a source in the upper house of Parliament told RBC. The final version of the document will be submitted by senators.