ATI is Advocacy, Transformation, and  Inclusion.




Social development is a process of targeted changes, in which subsequent states of society and all social groups are preferable to previous ones, and the structure of society and social institutions are improving. 


ATI seeks to transform the lives of the most vulnerable around the Region by providing them with the resources they need and by strengthening the systems and individuals that provide them care.


We are the Institute of women who seek to equalize social inequality. We support women's initiatives and cooperate with state and public organizations for improving the area of education, ecology and human rights.




- Gender Equality and Human Rights

- Education and Science

- Ecology and Environmental justice



The idea of forming an organization came in 2009 when teachers trained in the framework of the Educational Initiative in the North Caucasus project were eager to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues from other schools. We became a team for the further promotion of our ideas. Currently there are more than 90 members with formal and non-formal status in it.  

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