The Ministry of Justice the Republic of Ingushetia included the Institute for Social Changes in the register of foreign agents on October 18, 2019



Social development is a process of targeted changes, in which subsequent states of society and all social groups are preferable to previous ones, and the structure of society and social institutions are improving. We are for the idea of ​​process that provides continuous and improving changes in all life forms, all species and people. "ISC" is grope of women who seek to balance social inequality. We foster inclusive society and support community initiatives. 


- Human Rights and Gender Equality

- Ecology 

- Education and Science
- Health

- Volunteering
- Media


The idea of ​​creating “ISC”  came about in 2008, when teachers trained in the framework of the “Educational Initiative in the North Caucasus” project were eager to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues from other schools. We became a team  for the further promotion of our ideas.

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